Official Ph is a brand that has behind it 4 generations of photographers and printers.

First in the wedding sector and then in '92 specializes in the historic motoring sector, starting to travel the world with Mille Miglia (in the world), Rally Montecarlo Historique, Tour Auto, Trofeo Nuvolari, Ferrari Owners (in the world) and many other international events.

Our passion and determination has led us to a continuous research in designing products using technologies always in step with the times both from the point of view of photographic realization, post production and the final product that we deliver to the customer.

The agency is formed by:

Falzone Bartolomeo 


Main Photographer

Main Printmaker

Manager on High-Quality

Cell: (+39)338 8600501


Falzone Luca

Art Director

Graphic Designer

Motion Graphic

(Pre/Pro/Post) Video & Photo Printmaker

Cell: (+39) 328 4764455


Mariagrazia Cecchini

Customer Contact

Head of Human Resources

Manager to Shipments


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