Shipping costs depend on the country of destination. UPS Italy is 10 €, UPS Europe is 20 €, UPS England and Switzerland is 25 € and UPS Asia, America, Africa and Oceania is 50 €.



Times of Order Fulfillment.

All orders regularly made from Monday to Friday (including holidays and pre-holidays) will be shipped according to production times and realization with a maximum estimated of two working days. For any fast shipping needs you can contact us directly by email or mobile phone. Orders with payment by bank transfer will always be sent after the actual credit determined by the currency of the same. The above stated times are indicative and may vary in intensive periods of work for different orders registered. As soon as the shipment has left our premises, an email will be sent to inform you the tracking of the courier and keep track of the shipment.

Transport times

The transport on the territory is entrusted to Mail Boxes Etc. or other Couriers Express available according to the most advantageous rates, which on average delivers throughout Italy within 24/48 hours. The above times are absolutely indicative and may vary in periods of Holidays and/ or according to the destination to reach. In any case, the company Mail Boxes Etc. is not responsible for any delays due to the courier. The transport is covered by full insurance against damage due to the transport showing any evidence of the damaged packaging.

IMPORTANT: In order to have a fast and safe delivery it is necessary to indicate the destination address as accurately as possible. It is therefore important to provide the full address of useful information, such as staircase, Interior, Intercom, etc... also always indicate a telephone number where the courier can contact you before delivery. of the company Official Photographer srls is not responsible for any delays and/ or missed deliveries caused by incomplete addresses or not adequately provided at the time of order. Any delays will not give the buyer any right to claim damages of any kind. However, for any problem we are always at your disposal to resolve any disputes with the courier.


It is possible to exercise the right of withdrawal (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (and subsequent updates)) communicating to of the company Official Photographer srls, the intention not to withhold one or more purchased items and request their refund or possible exchange with another item.The communication of the withdrawal must take place no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the receipt of the goods and confirmed within 48 hours recommended to/ r or Email with return receipt, via and exclusively through the request via email, with any verification photos of the package and the damaged product. 

by email:

At this point within a maximum of 1/2 working days the product will be returned again at no additional cost. The return of the product can only be done in case it is damaged or there are product errors such as the wrong photo’s car.

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the following cases:

Purchase made for business and/ or professional use (purchase with VAT).

Any product that does not retain its original features and equipment at the time of purchase.

Any product that has even been minimally used or has undergone alteration, tampering, rupture, abrasion or simple opening of a seal.

In the event that the product is damaged for reasons other than its transport.

Terms of Reimbursement. of the company Official Photographer srls, the product will be returned again at no additional cost. The return will be made and agreed with the customer within 14 working days only if there are proven reasons.


How to Request a Return.

Communicating and justifying the reasons for the return via email,

Requirements to obtain Replacement or Refund.

The return or replacement of the product can be made only and exclusively in case the product is damaged or wrong. In other situations the return cannot be made because the service we guarantee and the product we sell are customized, which is why the work has already been done and completed.

In particular, it should be noted that when it is possible to make a replacement of the product, the company will pick up the package by courier, at the expense of the company, and we will send a new physical product without additional costs from the customer.


Credit Card Details:

Pay comfortably and instantly with your credit card using the most used and secure gateway in the world: PAYPAL. You can also pay if you don’t have a Paypal account: enter your details securely and the payment will arrive instantly, allowing us to ship your purchases on the day.Payment by Credit Card is free of charge.

Bank Transfer:

Receive the data necessary to make the transfer at the end of the order and also through the email together with the order confirmation. On average, the transfers will be in currency within 36/48 hours from the day. Your purchase will be shipped immediately after the actual crediting of the amount. Payment by bank transfer does not involve any additional cost to the following IBAN:

IBAN: IT 89 B 08826 13306 000000009337 

LEGAL NOTES AND NOTICES: of the company Official Photographer srls, with registered office in Via I, Maggio, 7 (PU) 61024 Mombaroccio, Italy the purchases made on are regulated by the Italian law on distance buying and selling (D. Lgs n. 185 of 22/05/1999). All prices on the website are inclusive of VAT. All products displayed on the site are intended available for immediate delivery, unless otherwise explicitly stated. In case of delay of a product the buyer can contact us and ask for information.However, the company Official Photographer srls reserves the right not to conclude the order without assuming any responsibility and without resulting from any obligation to compensate the buyer. The sale and purchase agreement is intended to be confirmed by the buyer at the time of conclusion of the purchase procedure on the web. However, the contract is concluded for the company Official Photographer srls, only at the time when the shipment took place and was notified to the customer with a confirmation email. Everything not specified is governed by Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/1999 that regulates the matter of distance contracts, that is carried out away business premises.

Graphic representation of products

The graphic representation of the products (images, technical data and descriptions) is made for the sole purpose of illustrating the product and is purely indicative. The products can therefore differ from what is represented on the video for obvious reasons of color setting of the screen (e.g. the color hue). The images displayed are - in most cases - provided by us, and in this regard we inform you that some products may differ from the graphic representation as a result of changes made by the manufacturer himself, therefore of the company Official Photographer srls, assumes no responsibility if such changes do not make changes to the functionality and intended use of a product (e.g. a different color Logo, or a different print or placed on a different site).

The primary commitment of of the company Official Photographer srls, is therefore to provide original products, official import and made by the same company.

Privacy and Processing of Personal Data.

Please refer to the section at the bottom of the page the Privacy Policy of Official Photographer srls.


The design of the Site, the text, the figures, the selection and the arrangement of the same and all the compilations of the software, the source code, the software itself (including the applets) and all other material on the site are protected by the copyright of company Official Photographer srls. All rights are reserved.

Permission is granted to make an electronic copy or to print in hard copy portions of the site for the only purpose of placing an order using the site as a shopping resource. Any other use of the material published on the site, including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above, modification, distribution, republishing without the prior written consent of of the company Official Photographer srls, is strictly forbidden. The purchase of photographic material and digital files is for personal use only. The publication for commercial use of the photographic material is allowed only and exclusively with the written consent of of the company Official Photographer srls, in other cases it is strictly forbidden. For the publication of the photographic material received, and for the publication on social networks is allowed only for personal and non-commercial use (except in cases where there is written and explicit consent).

CONDITIONS OF GUARANTEE: of the company Official Photographer srls, distributes only original products, official import and covered by Official Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Warranty of the Manufacturer.

Every product distributed by of the company Official Photographer srls, enjoys the Official Warranty of the Manufacturer within the terms indicated by the Italian Law. From the date of delivery of the product, the buyer is covered by a warranty period of 24 months if he purchased the product in a personal capacity or 12 months if he purchased for professional purposes (purchase with VAT). Once discovered the defect, the consumer has 2 months to report the defect to company Official Photographer srls, which will ensure that consumer rights are protected by handling all the necessary practices to obtain repair and/or replacement of the product as soon as possible. The warranty never covers the damage of the products caused by improper use of the same, much less any damage caused by the same products to third parties or to goods and objects of third parties.

Guarantee of Conformity.

A defect of conformity is defined as a defect verifiable at the time of receipt of the product and in any case visible before the beginning of the use of the same. of the company Official Photographer srls offers direct warranty against defects in conformity and ensures immediate replacement of the "non-compliant" product. For all other cases the Manufacturer’s Warranty is valid. Examples of defects in conformity:

Receiving a damaged product during transport.

Products that do not conform to the manufacturer’s specification.

Receive a new product with visible defect before use (DAO).

Discovery of a production defect and Return Procedure:

The buyer must report of the company Official Photographer srls, any problem and/ or alleged defect within 30 days of the discovery of the same, requiring the replacement of the product. of the company Official Photographer srls, will authorize the replacement of the product only when photos are reported with the damaged product. After the technical response of the manufacturer of the company Official Photographer srls, in case of acceptance of the warranty will replace and/ or repair the product and return by courier. In case of negative technical response from the manufacturer according to the terms of Warranty, of the company Official Photographer srls, will return the product not replaced or not repaired with charge of the total price of the product. In any case, for all the quality problems, the technical response of the manufacturer is the proof.

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